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I have been taking photos for as long as i can remember and with the development of digital SLR technology this has made things a lot easier. With my main business being web design (YorkSoft) I am often called upon to take photos related to the web site, whether it be products, textures or portraits.

Water Sports - I have a good working knowledge of dinghy racing and know what I like to see in a photo of this type, with over 28 years of experience sailing dinghies, yachts and various others in between.
ChunkyPics images have been used in the following magazines: Yachts & Yachting, SeaHorse Magazine, Dinghy Sailing Magazine.

Nature - is a wonderful thing and often amazes us with its beauty and power. Capturing the elements can be very time consuming just waiting for the correct lighting but very often you are rewarded with a shot for the wall.

I hope you enjoy your browse around my photography site.

ChunkyPics uses high speed pro level lenses which are designed specifically for digital photography. The SLR used is a professional level, 10MP, weather sealed body which features class leading sensor cleaning and in body image stabilisation. All this further improves the clarity of the photos taken.


Lens resolution & corner-shading
Conventional lens systems simply do not deliver the lens resolution necessary for electronic sensors. They often have a resolution of only around 10 microns. However, because modern multi-megapixel cameras often have a pixel pitch of just 5 or 6 microns or less, overlapping and quality losses are the result. Therefore, the full theoretical performance of the sensor cannot be used. The problem is exacerbated with a greater number of pixels and a smaller sensor size. All lenses designed for the Four Thirds standard ensure full sensor performance.

For edge to edge clarity
All Four Thirds-optimised lenses feature so-called near telecentric optics.

Due to the nature of electronic sensor construction, image data is lost and there is a susceptibility to interference if light hits the pixels at a high angle of incidence. It causes a situation called corner-shading, a loss in quality at the edge of the frame. This is associated particularly with cameras using full-format sensors, where lenses must spread the light widely to reach each corner.

However, the near telecentric construction of lenses optimised for the Four Thirds standard ensures light hits the sensor at right-angles. This guarantees edge-to-edge colour, clarity and brightness.

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All print sizes are the small measurement of the photo ratio. So for an aspect ratio: 3:4 = 4x5.2inches (for the 4" print option). For the larger options 16x24 or 20x30, files with a 3:4 aspect ratio will be zoomed up to a 2:3 aspect ratio. Parts of the image will then be cropped.
NOTE: All photos are taken with a 4:3 aspect ratio.

Entire Contents Copyright © 2023, YorkSoft, All Rights Reserved.

Downloads: YorkSoft hold the copyright for all of the photographs contained within the chunkypics.co.uk web site and permission must be sought before any material can be used for purposes other than private use of the purchasing client.
Download files are approx. resolution of 1280x960
Please note that all downloads are supplied via email and are processed by hand to make sure that the images get to you at their best. Please make sure you have enough space in your email account to receive your images.
If you require a specific crop of an image please let me know as this can be done also.

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